Red Cabbage-Orange Salad

With temperatures soaring, I am looking to eat more salads and light meals. I love cabbage because it’s so low on calories and it’s very rich in Vitamin C. Both red and yellow cabbage are available almost all year round and you can make so many great recipes with them.

This salad is so vibrant and tempting. It can easily be the showstopper for an informal gathering. It’s also very tasty – the crispness of the cabbage combines with the fruity flavours of the orange so beautifully. It can also be refrigerated for a few days.


The oranges have to be carefully sectioned using a sharp knife. You can also use any type of cottage cheese or herbs of your choice.

This recipe is from American Cooking.



PREP: 20 minutes SERVES: 4-6


1 small red cabbage, shredded

3 medium oranges

¼ cup fresh coriander, chopped

1 small green pepper, slivered

¾ cup paneer, cubed

¼ cup orange juice

Salt to taste

Grated orange rind


Peel and section two oranges. Extract the juice from the remaining oranges. Combine all the ingredients together and toss lightly. Serve on a bed of lettuce. Garnish with additional green pepper slivers and orange rind, if desired.


This medley of fruits in a sugar syrup with dry fruits, honey and nuts is a dish that our family makes every year for a festival called Dussehra. It’s a celebration that lasts for about nine days and is celebrated by Hindus all over India.

I love the richness of this dish which is so satisfying and yet so light and refreshing. The aroma of the ghee and cardamom is delicious. It’s also vegan and could be served as dessert with a dollop of coconut cream.

It’s very simple to make. Once the sugar syrup is done you just have to add all the fruits and nuts, honey, ghee and cardamom. For those of you who want to cut down on sugar, you could add less of it.


PREP: 30 minutes COOK TIME: 10 minutes SERVES: 6


½ cup jaggery

½ cup water

1 apple

2 bananas

2 oranges, segmented

2 guavas, cut into cubes

1 cup grapes, cut into two

2 tbsp honey

1 tbsp ghee

1 tsp cardamom powder

½ cup dates, chopped roughly

½ cup cashewnuts

½ cup raisins


Combine the jaggery and water and cook over a moderate heat until the jaggery melts. Strain into another pan and bring to a boil. Cook for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and cool.

Add all the ingredients except the apple and bananas. Core and cut the apple into small cubes. Add to the sugar syrup immediately. Slice the bananas into the sugar syrup and mix well. Refrigerate and serve with a dollop of coconut cream.